Prime Time Delivery and Transport Company

About Us

Prime Time Delivery and Transport is a U.S.DOT certified carrier having its corporate headquarters at 3 North 47th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85043.  Founded in 1985, the company name was derived from providing in home "white glove" delivery and setup of electronics during the evening hours of 4 - 9pm,,, the time slot commonly referred to as the "Prime Time" hours of the day.  Clients and customers quickly associated the company name "Prime Time" with the service being provided and the name stuck.

From 1985 - 1990, the company continued to expand to meet increasing demand for; high quality, reliable, and damage free delivery services throughout the greater Phoenix Metro area.  In 1991, delivery of home furnishings was added to the service menu and the service area continued to expand to include the entire state of Arizona.  At the urging of customers, the company also applied for and received Department of Transportation (DOT) Certification for Interstate Transport Authority giving it ability to deliver anywhere within the entire United States.

By 1993, the company established operations in Southern California and continued expansion of its service areas to include Southern California, Southern Nevada, New Mexico, and west Texas.  The company continued providing in home "White glove" delivery throughout Arizona and in 1999,

expanded service again to include the entire state of Texas and Oklahoma.

In October 2004, Prime Time merged with Caldwell Freight Lines located in Lenoir, NC to form one (1) of the largest specialized furniture transportation companies in the United States.  Shortly following the merger, Prime Time discontinued in home delivery services.

At the request of Prime Time, the merger with Caldwell Freight Lines was ended in February 2007 and Prime Time returned to its roots of providing best in class regional delivery services.  Caldwell eventually went out of business and was liquidated in October 2011.

Since our start in 1985; Prime Time Delivery and Transport has remained focused on its corporate mission to "Provide 'best in class' quality, on time, damage free value added services that meet and exceed customer expectation".  We provide "full truck load" (FTL) service throughout the lower forty eight (48) states and less than full truckload (LTL) service throughout Southern California, Southern Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma.

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